About Me

Who’s this co-pilot you will be working with?


I’m Maria Kusnadi.

I love creating websites that are focused on remarkable experiences.

My Story

Like you, I’m also an entrepreneur running my business, Maria Kusnadi Creatives.

Before I started to work on my own, I was working in startup companies. I learned that running a business is not easy, especially when you need creative people to help your job done.

If you’re facing problems with creating:

  • A website for your business
  • Visuals for your marketing
  • Graphics for social media
  • Branded documents or presentations
  • Brand identity

Then, I’m a person you want to work with, as I understand what you’re struggling.

It is what drives me to help fellow entrepreneurs. I want to share my knowledge and ability that I have gained.

I believe running your own business has to make you feel energized and inspired. It should be awesome and not overwhelming you.

My Design Process

At a glance, it’s a lengthy process, but remember I’m here to support you.

1. Getting to know you better

To offer an effective solution for you, we will have a get-to-know-you meeting. In this first meeting, I would like to hear about you, your (soon-to-be) company, and your expectations. I will then offer my feedback and possible solutions that we could have. The outcome of this meeting is that I can understand you and your project better.

2. Understanding your business and target audience

After gathering enough information from you, I will conduct some research on your target audience/clients/users. I need to also understand their behavior when they’re trying to find you on the search engine, their capabilities with technology, how their daily lives affecting how they do things, etc.

3. Planning the whole process

After the research on your target audience, we can then create your ideal client persona. We can also pinpoint their possible problems.

This process helps me to focus on what the best practice while designing your website. While we’re at this step, I can create a checklist on what needs to be done in order to solve your clients’ problems and, of course, creating a foundation for your business!

4. Brainstorming

As a team, we start brainstorming on what things we can add to the website and what key elements should be added or shown based on our findings from the previous steps.

5. Sketching and designing

With a clear goal in mind, I can start sketching the website layout. You will then receive images of sketches and you will choose a layout that suits your idea.

Next, I will start adding your brand identity and content. We will then discuss how the website looks until it matches your expectations. The final output of this process is that you will receive your fully functioned website.

6. Launching the website

After the content is ready and all elements working smoothly, the website is finally live!