Self Reflection

Finding Inspiration

“Inspiration is all around us. Don’t let the brain limit the mind.”

– Lisi Harrison, Alphas

As a creative entrepreneur, inspiration is like my not-so-secret weapon. It’s this mysterious force that empowers me to do my best work. But here’s the thing, inspiration isn’t just limited to the creative industry. It’s actually vital for everyone. So why is it so darn hard to find?

I’ve been thinking, maybe inspiration is all around us, right here in our own rooms. Perhaps we’re just being picky about what we choose to see because our living spaces seem pretty ordinary and boring. Maybe if we shift our perspective, we can uncover the hidden inspiration that resides within our very own surroundings.

Imagine the potential waiting to be unlocked if we open our eyes to see beyond the mundane and embrace the extraordinary right in front of us. Let’s embrace the beauty and potential that lies within the familiar, and allow inspiration to flow abundantly into our lives and work.

I had shared on Instagram that coffee shops were my go-to places for inspiration. However, in the wake of the pandemic, I began questioning whether coffee shops were truly essential for finding inspiration. We often overlook the presence of inspiration that surrounds us, failing to realize the power it holds.

But with some conscious effort and a fresh perspective, we can uncover inspiration by engaging all our senses. Every object that surrounds us has the potential to ignite that creative spark within us. For instance, have you ever taken a moment to admire the peculiar coffee stain on your cup? It might just trigger a new idea for your painting. Or perhaps that family photo resting on the corner of your desk can inspire your ongoing novel.

Once you grasp this concept, pour all your ideas into your notes without any judgment, questions, or barriers hindering your creativity. At that moment, you will truly appreciate the marvelous work you are capable of.