Finding Inspiration

“Inspiration is all around us. Don’t let the brain limit the mind.”

Lisi Harrison, Alphas

As a creative entrepreneur, inspiration for me is like a not-so-secret weapon. It is a mysterious force that empowers me to do my work at my best.

Of course, inspiration is not just for those who work in the creative industry. Don’t you agree that it is vital for everyone?

But why is inspiration so hard to get when it fuels our daily life and work?

I’ve been pondering about what if the inspiration is really around us, in our very room? Perhaps, we are just selective on what we want to see because the place where we live is normal. They look mundane.

finding inspiration

I had a post on Instagram in which I stated that I love coffee shops as my place to feel inspired. After the pandemic hit, I started to think, “Do I really need coffee shops to get inspired?”

Inspiration is just there, surrounding us. That kind of force is often overlooked. We need effort! We need a new perspective to notice that. Actively looking for inspiration with your five senses. All things that surround us have the potential to trigger your inspiration.

Take a moment to look at your cup. Maybe that funny-looking stain from your coffee time sparks a new idea for your painting? That family photo on the side of your desk, does it inspire you for your ongoing novel?

Once you get it, pour your ideas into your note. Without judgment, without questions, without anything that blocks your brain from being creative. And that moment, you will feel how amazing you are at your work.