Soul Luxury’s Website Rebranding

The Overview

As things are constantly shifting at this moment, Claudia Roth, the founder of Soul Luxury, decided to rebrand her health and wellness life coaching company.

The concept of rebranding was to present more of a spiritual and more approachable side of Soul Luxury.

The Problem

Before the rebranding, Soul Luxury is showing much of its business side. The colors were too formal and lacking the edge of “humanism”.

The Team

We were interns of LOVE Yourself Project. I was working alongside a creative writer, a social media strategist, an email marketing strategist and the whole project was led by a project manager. I was in charge of recreating the website and I was honored to be a contributor to this project.

The Process

1. Get to Know Our Client

The first part of the process was meeting with Claudia to discuss what she had in mind and why she needed to rebrand her company. The meeting was mostly a Q&A session with the client. With this, we can know more about Claudia and her project.

2. Research

After holding a group meeting with Claudia, we then did research based on our role. In my case, I did some research on images that represents the new Soul Luxury’s personality and what elements I could use to enhance the mood of the webpage.

I later found out that water is a good representation of peace, wisdom, and infinity. Fortunately, Claudia loved the idea of nature that brings a sense of gender-neutral. I collected ocean/water/lake images from royalty-free stock photo websites and examined the vibe of each image.

Another research I was holding is finding what life coaches’ websites look like, what kind of content needs to be shown, and what features they have.

After visiting some of the websites and seeing the current resource that Soul Luxury has, we finally came up with content like this.

Soul Luxury Information Architecture

3. Wireframe and Design

I began thinking about the layout of the website. The fittest concept that I could get was “being here at peace”. So, I tried to include more white space to get the feel of a clean and uncluttered presence.

Claudia has another profession. She is an author! I wanted to also include her quotes from her book and put them on the less-text-content webpages.

Here is the wireframe of one page (the homepage) look like.

The Outcome


In this rebranding process, I learned more about working in wellness and health coaching industry.

Another thing that I can learn from Claudia, she is a person who always put clients first in her mind. Throughout the process, she guided me to create a pleasant journey for each webpage and to be more consistent.

I enjoyed my time working with Claudia and LOVE Yourself Project interns team. Although we live in different timezones, we managed to deliver the project on time.

I was excited when my website was live on September 28, 2020. I cannot wait to see how my work can contribute to someone’s business.

I am open to collaborative work and we can work together in the future. Click the button below to see my other work.