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The Objectives

Suitcase in SPAIN serves as a dedicated tourism website tailored to expatriates currently residing or planning visits to Spain. The platform features informative articles encompassing Spain, its various regions, popular tourist destinations, dining establishments, and other relevant subjects. Furthermore, the website includes a comprehensive directory cataloging restaurants, essential offices, and local enterprises within the nation.

The Process

1. Finding Inspiration and Planning

Our inspiration primarily stemmed from the study of numerous tourism websites. We meticulously documented the constituent elements and page dynamics.

Our strategic intent revolved around crafting indispensable pages, namely the homepage and blog posts. Subsequently, during the project’s evolution, we introduced an additional subdomain housing an exhaustive directory.

2. Colors and Visual Design

The website was designed to exude a vibrant and welcoming ambiance, mirroring our perception of Spain. Our quest led us to opt for vivid primary hues and a handwritten script font for textual content to embrace the friendliness feel.

Shamrock Green #2F9A64
Saffron Yellow #F7C621
Fire Engine Red #D01622
Moonstone Blue #41A5AD

Heading: Shadows into Light Two
Body Text: Montserrat

3. Wireframes

These are the wireframe of the selected pages.

4. Building the Site

How the finalized pages look.

Below is a compliation of the directory pages. 

5. The Challenges

We had quite the task dealing with various types of posts, needing us to really think about how to organize the information. The way we tackled this was by splitting the content into different sections: the main website and the directory. On the main site, we even made different templates for the blog posts, making sure they fit the specific topics.

Our main goal was to make it super easy for visitors to find the exact information they’re after without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

The Outcome

Visit the site to see more of the pages.


Throughout the course of this project, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of Spain. I’ve become familiar with its cuisine, popular tourist spots, distinctive regional characteristics, and more.

The project is ongoing and receives regular maintenance to provide optimal assistance to visitors exploring Spain, particularly expatriates. Additionally, we’re gradually incorporating insights from other countries to expand our knowledge base.