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This is where I provide design services for your business.

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Here is what I offer as a solution for your business

Website Design

Websites are important for entrepreneurs to elevate the business. I provide website design services using WordPress and Divi builder.

Graphic Design for Social Media

Social media is a medium to express your idea and/or showcase products. To help you reach a wider audience, I offer graphic design for your social media images.

P.S.: I provide design services for your printed and digital marketing materials.

Details coming soon!

What Others Are Saying…

Ali Meehan

Costa Women, Spain

Maria created an ebook for me in Canva and the outcome is exactly as I had wished. Whilst we used a set template, she was giving creative licence to make changes and came up with some good ideas for the book. She is obviously a creative person and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or work with Maria in the future.

Miguel Ángel Font Bisier

MiCineInclusivo, Spain

Maria is a very skilled designer who provided us with some media materials. For instance, she was able to put together a great English presskit for us. Working with her has been a pleasure. She is creative, smart and looks at the task she has to do from several angles to completely understand it and get all the juice from it.

Vilma Usaite

Life Coach, Lithuania

Maria was an absolute pleasure to work with – she is a very professional, detail-oriented, and devoted virtual associate. As a busy solopreneur, I have a plethora of administrative tasks that need attending to, therefore, having Maria support me took the weight off my shoulders.

Sandi Goodwin

Abstract Artist, Spain

I am a visual artist and was so pleased that Maria agreed to help me start up my
business. I am a total technophobe so having Maria on board was such a relief.
Maria helped me enormously. She developed a wide range of marketing material
including a press kit for the launch of my book.